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Recovering from romes bday!

OFCOURSE SHES DATING SOMEONE ://// :,( why would she be single? Shes beautiful smart funny and amazing to talk to :/… I shouldve married her! :,(

Sometimes I wish I could go back just to fix us.

The devil

I shake and tremble when I hear that voice… I think im having a panic attack.

Been feeling a lot better lately!

Clean face! #beards #naked #apezone #tirado #ricflairtag #wooo! #bored

Flaw niggas and Fake hoes

I aint even hatin, yall the foul ones not me. I aint ever fucked anyone over, not once.

Nigga I aint worried bout nothin

Yeah whatever have fun stickin your dick in two years of my life.

Lol cant say im surprised, eh they deserve each other.

#swag #cray #shades #kidkrazy #bored


A good cry does not solve anything, but at least it makes you feel a little better.


I gotta say, today was a good day.